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*Avalon Healers are here to help you cope with the many challenges of life with COVID-19.*


Avalon Psychotherapy Associates is here for our community during this challenging time.
We continue to provide high quality psychotherapy to our clients via telehealth platforms, ensuring uninterrupted care.
For those are new to our services, we provide individual, couple/polyamory, and family therapy.
We provide support for a variety of concerns that bring people to psychotherapy. We specialize two distinct-yet-overlapping areas: the treatment of eating disorders, recovery from chronic dieting, and healing body image, as well as LGBTQ+ experiences and relationships, and healing relationships.
We are LGBTQ+, polyamory, kink/BDSM, and alt-sex affirming. Some therapists are LBGTQ+-identified.
Therapy during COVID-19 is not only possible, but a meaningful way to care for your mental health during and after the pandemic.

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Avalon Therapists Currently Accepting New Clients

Christina Fennell, LCPC (she/her)

Christina specializes in supporting clients who are recovering from eating disorders, chronic dieting, and negative body image. Christina helps clients work through experiences in relationships throughout life that may impact the development and experience of ED. Christina is fat-positive and views recovery from an intuitive eating and Health At Every Size perspective.

During COVID-19, Christina is supporting people who may be struggling with disordered eating during social distancing.

Call: 410-834-8328, option 1

Katrina Seidman, RDN, LDN (she/her)

Katrina is a registered dietitian specializing in helping individuals and families heal from eating disorders, chronic dieting, and negative body image. Katrina is fat-positive and practices from an intuitive eating and Health At Every Size perspective. Katrina is positive, welcoming, and non-judgmental.

During COVID-19, Katrina is supporting people who may be struggling with disordered eating during social distancing and parents who need mealtimes to be easier and more joyful with their children.

Call: 410-834-8328, option 1

Alyson Mullie, LMSW (she/her)

Alyson specializes in supporting LGBTQ+ female-identified adults. Alyson is queer-identified and welcomes clients who are polyamorous. Alyson is skilled in helping clients through grief and loss. Alyson is supportive, gentle, and affirming.

During COVID-19, Alyson available to support those experiencing grief as well as poly adults who are separated from one or more partners.

Call: 410-834-8328, option 1

Amy Kirby, LMSW (they/them/she/her)

Amy specializes in supporting LGBTQ+ adults of all genders. Amy is LGBTQ+-identified, poly-, kink/BDSM-, and alt-sex community-affirming. Amy provides a warm, comfortable, “realtalk” space for honesty and healing.

During COVID-19, Amy is supporting LGBTQ+ adults who may be living alone or living with unsupportive family. Amy also works with adults who experience Health Anxiety.

Call: 410-834-8328, option 1

Stephanie Schuster, LMSW (she/her)

Stephanie specializes in working with couples, poly-, and kink/BDSM-identified relationships, individuals with sexual dysfunction, and LGBTQ+ adults. Stephanie is change-focused and passionate about helping clients create healthy, thriving relationships. Stephanie will complete Gottman Level III training in the Fall of 2020.

During COVID-19, Stephanie is supporting couples in thriving through social distancing as well as individuals who may be living alone struggling with anxiety and depression.

Call: 410-834-8328, option 1


How can therapy and nutrition counseling help me? (Especially during COVID-19…)


Everyone is affected by the changes that are happening.

The sense of a loss of control, uncertainty, constant distressing news, social isolation, fear for one’s own health and that of loved ones, job insecurity, and economic stress all affect mental health.

Many people are experiencing increasing feelings and coping strategies that may be more harmful than helpful. It is common to feel that you “just can’t get it together,” or that you can’t follow-through on daily goals. You may see an increase in negative coping behaviors like disordered eating, excessive media consumption, relationship conflicts, or feelings of depression and anxiety.

Feelings of worry, stress, agitation, and overwhelm are common. As social distancing continues, relationships are strained, child-rearing without help or breaks is taxing, separation from loved ones, support systems, and isolation can wear us down.

We know that everyone’s situation is unique. We know some people may be living with unsupportive or dysfunctional family. We know some people are living alone and struggling with loneliness.

And we fear the grief of loss is coming for many. 

Therapy is a healthy lifeline for anyone who is struggling. We can help you move through overwhelming negative feelings, safely experience grief, and help you identify healthy coping practices that can truly get you through this difficult time.

You may be best supported by individual psychotherapy, or you may benefit from a support group for social connection and a safe place to know you are not alone.

Therapy isn’t for those who are unwell or weak.

Therapy is a healthy resource for everyone.

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Fees & Insurance

Psychotherapy Sessions are 55 minutes.
Psychotherapy Session: $150
Nutrition Counseling is 90 minutes for first session and 60 minutes for all subsequent sessions.
Nutrition Counseling: Initial Session $150/Follow-Up Session: $100
Avalon Psychotherapy Associates accepts all CareFirst BC/BS insurance plans.
All services provided via video chat during Social Distancing for COVID-19.

Online Community Support Experiences* with Avalon During COVID-19 and Social Distancing

Self-Compassion Summer Intensive

Reclaim your relationship with yourself!

Create a kind, compassionate, and accountable relatinoship with yourself.

Limited to 10 participants meeting over Zoom

Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:30 AM

Facilitated by Karen J. Helfrich, LCSW-C

Cost: $360

*Support Groups/Classes/Workshops/Intensives are non-clinical small group experiences facilitated by an Avalon Healer.  Support Groups/Classes/Workshops/Intensivesare not for the treatment of any disease or disorder. Support Groups/Classes/Workshops/Intensives are most appropriate for individuals who are generally stable and able to participate in productive manner. “Stable” does not mean “not struggling.” “Stable” means that you are not in need of more intensive services to help you feel balanced, free from active addiction, and able to cope without harm to self or others. Participants will go through a brief intake process before being admitted. Registration online does not guarantee placement in a group.